About Us

We are HIME - Hospitality Internships ME

We all know how difficult and frustrating could be to find the internship position you have always wanted especially if you don’t have an idea where to go or what type of company you desire to work for. Nowadays people have unlimited opportunities to surf the internet and contact known and unknown placement companies with the hope of trusting them finding the best suitable internship for them. However, not everyone will share all the pro’s and con’s of the specific destination, company, position and overall environment which you will be placed in.

Our company strives to deliver the most personalized service possible: from the first skype interview and creation of your profile in our website to the very last day of your internship – we will be at your convenience for all pleasant and unpleasant situations which may occur.

H – Hospitality

Our Team consists of Hospitality Professionals graduated in worldwide recognized Higher Educational Institutes – thus, we all know what you are going through.

I – Internships

We do not only connect hospitality students with leading companies in The UAE and Thailand, but we also create opportunities for our students to improve their social skills through the Field Trips and the different meetings which we organize for them.

ME – Middle East 

Hospitality Internships Middle East focuses mainly on The UAE and Thailand as leading hospitality destinations. Furthermore, in order to provide opportunities for everyone – we are constantly growing our Internship Destination Portfolio.