Are you a Hospitality/Tourism or Culinary Management student, who needs to do an internship as part of your studies or you have just graduated and wondering where to start your career path from? Don’t waste your time, check out the following 4 reasons why The UAE is a great opportunity for you to become a successful Hospitality Professional!

1.    Leading International Hotel Chains and Restaurant brands have properties across the Emirates

Have you ever wondered why celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsey, Nusret Gökçe (Salt bae), Jamie Oliver, Todd English and many others have restaurants in Dubai? The answer is simple- The UAE is one of the most booming touristic destinations and millions of travellers are attracted to experience the most luxurious places and tastes. As an intern, you will have the blessing to learn from the very best in the industry which will immediately make you a valuable resource for your future employer.

2.   Working in Multicultural environment

Dubai is among the most multicultural cities in the world. Leading international companies are hiring people from all over the world with the purpose of ensuring a healthy multicultural work environment which eventually leads to a higher productivity of the company. Having people from different cultures increases the chances for exchanging new ideas and creativity, higher problem solving rates, understanding and respect for cultural differences, and most importantly understanding other perspectives and points of view.

3.   Great experience to include in your CV

UAE is known as a place where you really need to prove your skills and ambition if you want to be respected and quickly reach higher positions within the company. It is not a secret that once you earn local people`s respect through hard work, you can climb the ladder of success very quickly. Therefore, going through an internship in the UAE will undeniably give you skills and knowledge which will open many doors in your future career plans.

4.    Great living and working conditions for interns

In comparison to other countries, The UAE offers great living and working conditions for local and international interns. If mistreated, the interns can approach the UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization and file a complaint or communicate such a case. Intern satisfaction is a top priority for most employers which explains why the UAE is among the preferred destinations for Hospitality students and graduates.

For further information regarding Hospitality Internship opportunities in United Arab Emirates you can click HERE.

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